Outreach Director Search Announcement

Outreach Director Search Announcement

Fins & Feathers of Bozeman is currently seeking applicants for a new position within our fly fishing company. We are a locally owned and operated specialty fly fishing retailer and Bozeman fly fishing guide service that is open year-round in Bozeman, Montana. Our current operations include a brick and mortar Bozeman fly shop, online retail, guided fly fishing trips around Bozeman, fly fishing classes, fly tying classes, and various outreach programs. The new position is an “Outreach Director” with description below.

This position will be responsible for coordinating, marketing, and staffing a wide range of events and activities including our various classes, guide trips, off-site promotional activities, and event planning.

  • Coordinating refers to using organizational skills and tools to bring various groups, people, and schedules together in an efficient manner.
  • Marketing efforts include social media management, web content creation/gathering, promoting the Fins & Feathers brand through off-site marketing events, and e-news creation.
  • Staffing for events and activities refers to scheduling and supervising others while being present at various events and off-site programs.
  • Guide Trip coordination responsibilities include assisting with scheduling, marketing, reservations, and reporting.
  • Off-site promotional activities include teaching classes, attending events, and possibly things like interacting with the public in unique locations such as farmer’s markets, sportsman’s shows, and public events in and around Bozeman.
  • Event planning responsibilities include organizing, scheduling, and marketing 4-6 special, one-day events a year that are intended to build brand awareness and sales

The “Outreach Director” position will involve work on premises and off-site work as well. As engaging with the public is critical to this position, the ability to work in a retails sales environment is critical. Our expectation is that this position will involve 10-20 hours a week from our base of operation and 20-30 hours a week from off-site locations (including remote work). The hourly demands will vary throughout the year with the summer months being the most time intensive.

This is a management position; therefore, wages are based on an annual salary plus incentives. The annual, hourly commitment should be equivalent to 40 hours per week on average. There will be some weeks during the off-season when the Outreach Director will need to work 5-10 hours a week, while 50-60-hour week demands will occur occasionally as well. Compensation packages are dependent on applicants’ relevant experience, availability, and schedule flexibility

We are looking for a task-oriented, organized individual that will be able to use their time efficiently to produce tangible results.

If you are interested in the Outreach Coordinator position with Fins & Feathers of Bozeman, please apply via e-mail to Toby Swank.  Application packets should include a cover letter and resume that highlights an applicant’s relevant experience. Also, please include desired salary, availability (specify annually or seasonally), schedule flexibility (available to work evenings, weekends, early mornings) and any additional questions you may have early in the process.

This is an open application process which means that we are in the process of collecting applications for this position. We anticipate filling this position by April 1, 2018 at the latest and ideally will have the right candidate in place by early 2018.

Our standard procedure is to continually accept application packets while a position is available. If we do not pursue a candidate for immediate employment, we will keep packets on file for 12 months so that we can continually have qualified candidate information on file. A manager from Fins & Feathers of Bozeman will call applicants if they require more information or would like to schedule an interview.

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