Standard Rates

Standard Rates

Full and Half-Day Bozeman Guided Fly Fishing Trips

  • The standard, full-day rate of $550 is for 1-2 anglers to a guide on float or wade fly fishing trips around Bozeman. The standard, full-day rate drops to $485 for reservations of 3 or more consecutive days guided fly fishing.
  • The standard, half-day rate of $425 is for 1-2 anglers to a guide on float or wade fly fishing trips near Bozeman. Half-day trips are 4 hours in duration and typically take place on the Gallatin or lower Madison rivers.
  • Although not generally recommended, our guides will take a third person on a standard full or half-day trip for an additional fee of $275.  The full day rate total is $800 for 3 anglers while the half-day rate is $700 for 3 anglers to a guide per day.
  • Prices include flies, terminal tackle, drinks, lunches (full-day trips), plus the complimentary use of rods, reels, waders, and boots.

Bozeman Hotel and Lodge Fly Fishing Packages

  • Prices vary depending on length of stay and our lodging partner. We offer standardized packages that include lodging and guided fly fishing, plus we are able to customize (email us for help) any of these plans to better suit your itinerary.
  • The standard rates are based on double occupancy in both rooms and 2 anglers per guide; we can also offer single room rates upon request.
  • Single angler rates are generally twice the standard, double occupancy rate when booking lodging packages.

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