Pre-Trip FAQ's

Pre-Trip FAQ’s

Here are some common questions we hear, time and time again,  from prospective guests during the booking process. Check them out and email us with additional questionsos if you need further clarification.


Q: What is the per-person price of guided fly-fishing trips in Bozeman?

A: The daily ($550), half-day ($425) , and multi-day rates ($525/day 3+ days) apply to groups of 1 or 2 anglers per guide.


Q: We have a group of 3 and we would all like to fish together, how does that work?

A: You can add a third person for an additional $275, but we discourage this. Learn more here.


Q: What is included in the guided fly fishing rates?

A: Use of all gear (waders, boots, rods, reels, terminal tackle, and flies), drinks, transfer to and from the fishing destination, and lunches on full-day trips. Fishing license and private water fees are not included in the standard rates.


Q: Are children allowed on guided fly fishing trips?

A: Yes, we welcome children on all of our guided fly fishing trips. Float trips are recommended and all ages are welcome. Youth life jackets are required to be worn by youth under 12.


Q: I have never fished before in my life; can I do this?

A: Absolutely!


Q: Should I book a wade or float trip in the Bozeman area?

A: We recommend float trips as this is the best way to fish around Bozeman. There are wade fishing opportunities, but they are best on private waters and small streams.


Q: How long are guided fly fishing trips around Bozeman?

A: The length of the day depends on the fishing destination, water conditions, fish activity, and angler requests. The standard full day guide trip is usually a 7-9-hour experience with 5-7 hours on the water. Half-day trips are 4 hours in duration from start to finish at our Bozeman fly shop. We can accommodate any time restraints on you end with advance notice.


Q: What is the standard gratuity for a Bozeman fly fishing guide?

A: Guides cover their own expenses such as gas, shuttles, lunches, drinks, ice, flies, boats, insurance, and equipment. The standard gratuity is $125-$150 per day/per guide (1-2 anglers) for a job well done. Cash paid directly to the guide at the end of your trip is the standard practice.


Q: What kind of boats do we fish from?

A: Specially designed drift boats are 16’ long fiberglass with one seat in the front and one in the back. The guide rows the boat from a seat in the middle of the boat. We also use rafts with similar custom-built frames with similar layouts to out drift boats.


Q: Can I just fish dry flies If that’s what I want to do?

A: Absolutely!


Q: What do I need to bring with me?

A: Check our gear list and generally bring personal gear like raincoat, sunglasses, warm layer, hat, some snacks, and any special medications (epi-pen, insulin, etc.) that you may require.


Q: What should my fitness level be in order to participate on a guided fly fishing trip?

A: Wade fishing requires that angler be in good condition with excellent balance. Float trips are less demanding physically, but anglers need to be able to sit comfortable for several hours and to be able to stand up/sit down without assistance. We are able to accommodate anglers with disabilities and poor mobility with advance notice.


Q: Do you cancel trips because of weather?

A: Generally speaking we do not cancel trips due to weather. Sometimes, days are cut short due to afternoon thunderstorms due to safety but we do not offer partial refunds or credits in those situations. View our deposit policy.


Q: Can we keep a few fish on a guided fly fishing trip?

A: No, we only practice catch and release fishing on our guided fly fishing trips.


Q: Can we use spin tackle on a guided trip?

A: Yes, spin fishing with single hook, barbless lure is allowed on our trips. We do not provide gear or lures for spin fishing.


Q: Can we request a specific river or stream?

A: Yes, be sure to let us know if you have a preference. The guides typically choose the destination based on weather, water conditions, time constraints, and crowds so be sure to let the guide know if there is someplace that you prefer or would like to avoid as well!

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