Spring Creeks Fishing Report for November 28, 2018

Spring Creeks Fishing Report 11/28/2018

Nov, 28 2018

When the temps get into the negatives, the only thing you can count on are the Spring Creeks. The water doesn't get as cold as the main rivers, so as soon as the air temperature gets comfortable enough to fish in, the Creeks are ready to go. Warming huts are available on some of the Creeks to help when you get cold. Nymphing will be the most productive most days. The fish eat alot of Scuds, Sow Bugs and Midge Pupas in the winter. A person can find the occasional fish feeding on adult Midges and Clusters.


The Livingson Area Spring Creeks have limited rod availability. Be sure to call and make a resevation before you make the drive. Nelson's-(406) 222-6560, Armstrong's-(406) 222-2979, DePuy's-(406) 222-0221



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