Spring Creeks Fishing Report for January 9, 2019

Spring Creeks Fishing Report 1/9/2019

Jan, 09 2019

The Paradise Valley Spring Creeks are a great option all winter long. As we get closer to Spring, more and more fish will continue to populate these creeks. Be prepaired to nymph mostly, but there is always a chance for some productive dry fly fishing. These fish eat a lot of Scuds and Sow Bugs along with Midge Pupas when nymphing. A size 16 pink or gray Ray Charles or Sow Bug with a #18 Midge Pupa off the back is a good place to start. Sometimes the fish may want a little more flash with their food, sometimes less. Sometimes they really want a red midge, sometimes black. If the wind stays calm, Midges can swarm on the surface providing some classic dry fly action. Long, light leaders are typically needed when fishing dries on these creeks. Be sure to have a small assortment of #16-#18 clusters as well as some single adults and emergers in sizes 18-20. 

The Livingson Area Spring Creeks have limited rod availability. Be sure to call and make a reservation before you make the drive. Nelson's-(406) 222-6560, Armstrong's-(406) 222-2979, DePuy's-(406) 222-0221



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