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Top 5 Yellow Sally Dry Fly Patterns

Date: 05/22/2022

Yellow Sally’s are a staple food item for trout throughout the spring and summer season and are just starting to hatch around Bozeman.

Hatch season is in full swing and the rivers are coming to life with aquatic insects. Yellow Sallies are a staple food item for trout throughout the spring and summer season. The Sally hatch persists for long periods of time unlike the lightning quick caddis hatches. Therefore, they can produce fish over an entire season and should have a permanent spot in your fly box.

About Yellow Sallies

Yellow Sallies live in pretty much any stream that is supplied with clean, cool water, including spring creeks, freestones, and large rivers. Virtually all Western Rivers harbor Yellow Sallies in large numbers and their hatch events compete with those of Blue Winged Olives and Pale Morning Duns. They are one of the first stoneflies to make their appearance and fish feast on them in the late spring after a long winter. You can often prospect with Yellow Sally imitations because of their plentiful emergence throughout the summer. Their adult form resembles a yellow-green body with often a red butt. This is accentuated in Sally dry fly patterns and is an identifying mark for the insect.

Top 5 Flies

Yellow Sally Chubby

The Yellow Sally Chubby is a great pattern for a larger imitation of the stonefly. The bug rides high and displays the distinct red butt of a Sally. The fly is extremely visible and makes for the optimal pattern for faster, cloudier water.

Corn Fed Yellow Sally

The Corn Fed Sally is a versatile fly to fish the Sally hatch. This pattern floats well in rougher water types but is delicate enough to present in the slowest and clearest of spring creeks. This is made possible by the CDC makeup of the fly that allows it to ride high and dry in any water conditions. Make sure to use specific dry fly floatant for CDC flies such as Lochsa

Emma Stone Yellow Sally

The Emma Stone Sally perfects the flashing wings of a struggling stonefly. The foam fly rides well in tumultuous water and maintains a steady appearance. This fly also presents a two toned red and yellow body that remains consistent to the real insect.

Water Walker

The Water Walker is one of the best stonefly imitations and does a good job of representing the Sally stonefly. The foam pattern sits flush in the water like a real stonefly and has amazing realistic legs. The fly also captures the body silhouette perfectly. This fly will work best on bigger rivers where you can benefit from fishing a bigger pattern.

Yellow Sally Stimulator

The Yellow Stimulator is a tried and tested pattern that has produced fish over the decades. The hackle imitates the struggling legs and wings of stoneflies attempting to escape the dangerous waters. This fly is a classic that will continue to be a stellar option when fishing a stonefly hatch.

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Posted by: Teagan on 05/22/2022 | Top 5 Yellow Sally Dry Fly Patterns

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