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Must Have BWO Dry Flies For Spring in Montana

Date: 04/01/2021

As I slowly chewed through the layers of my black forest ham, pepper jack cheese, and super greens, yuppie 21 seed organic bread, mayo slathered sandwich some small blue and olive helicopters floated past my face. My ass was warm from the dusty tailgate of the second-hand F-150 purchased on a whim. Dippers zipping up and down the low and clear Gallatin River didn't seem to acknowledge my presence. The helicopters, flying adult BWO's, represent the first true dry fly fishing opportunity of the season. Any true dry fly angler will feel a slight tingle at this sight. These are the must have blue winged olive (BWO) dry fly patterns for spring fishing in Southwest Montana.

BWO CDC Biot Comparadun

  • Has CDC, the most irresistible material to trout
  • Rides in the film to trick the pickiest fish
  • Great for slower moving or glassy water

BWO Parawulff

  • Easy to see white parachute
  • Stays afloat in choppy or rifled water
  • Can hold up small droppers

BWO Film Critic

  • The film critic is known for riding in the film
  • Great imitation for crippled or emerging bugs
  • Flashy red rib entices fish to impulse eat

BWO Last Chance Cripple

  • My personal favorite (for what it's worth)
  • CDC, biot, hackle, all the goodies
  • Catches monster browns (sometimes)

Olive Mole Fly

  • Tricks the most fastidious trout
  • Best fly for calm slow moving water
  • Only put floatant on the CDC puff

Gear up for spring fly fishing with our Bozeman fly shop as sunburns and water temperatures increase like fruit flies on a rotten banana. We have all of your fishing necessities and both the best blue winged olive and all around fly selection in Bozeman!

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Posted by: Teagan on 04/01/2021 | Must Have BWO Dry Flies For Spring in Montana

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