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Winter Fly Fishing With Gloves

Feb, 03 2019

It’s about 7 degrees here in Bozeman, the wind is blowing, and its Super Bowl Sunday. Why not go fly fishing? If you were to go fishing today, you would certainly want a good pair of gloves. Having the right glove can make the difference between a great day of fishing and a miserable day. Keeping your hands warm while maintaining the ability to handle your line, tie knots, and release fish is huge. It can be difficult to find a pair of gloves that can do both. Luckily, our Bozeman fly shop has a huge selection of fishing gloves. From fold over mitts to waterproof neoprene gloves a fly-fishing specific glove makes a huge difference for cold winter, fall, or spring days of fishing. Features like half fingers, fold overs, wind proof and water proof designs are key to keep your fingers and thumbs warm until you need them to tie knots. With trustworthy brands like Simms, Orvis, and Patagonia it would be difficult to not find the right glove or mitt for the right price here at Fins & Feathers.

Orvis Fingerless Glove Orvis Fleece Foldover Glove

Patagonia R1 glove Patagonia Wind Shield Glove

Simms Guide Windbloc Foldover Simms Fleece Fingerless Glove

Posted by:Teagan J on Feb, 03 2019 | Winter Fly Fishing With Gloves



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