Aug, 07 2018

We all know that fly fishing is an activity that can suck us in deeply. Despite how much we love this incredible hobby there is always a limiting factor. My limiting factor will never be the cold, rain, or snow, but one thing that will keep me from fly fishing is high wind. It is not fun to cast in the wind or even be outside in wind excessive of 20 mph, and it makes dry fly fishing (my go to) incredibly difficult. With this being said, a slight breeze can be both comfortable and helpful when coming from the right direction. So, here is a nice little poem about the wind. 



You softly run your hands over my bare skin

your long fingers wind through my hair

I can’t see you but you are always there

blowing your icy steam

that can sting like bare hands in the snow

on a hot day you are there to fan me

you keep me cool

it feels nice when you softly kiss my cheeks

I like you when you are calm

when you get mad you make my life miserable

you throw things across the yard

now pulling at my hair

you threaten to push me over

you spit weeds knock over trees and spit at me

your anger makes me cold cutting to my bone

I hate it when you are mad.


Posted by:Teagan J on Aug, 07 2018 | Wind



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