Tying Some Skwalla Nymph's

Tying Some Skwalla Nymph’s

Mar, 11 2018

Getting the fly boxes ready for Spring is always a fun chore. The Skwalla Nymph is usually one of the funner patterns to start with. This is one that I've been working on this week. A slight reinvention of the wheel but not too complicated.


The typical Rubberleg is a great pattern so I wanted to work off of that original fly. I tied these on a size 10 4x long Streamer hook. For the tail I used Olive dyed Grizzly Marabou and a few pieces of Krystal Flash. Instead of using Chenille for the whole body I incorporated some Peacock for the abdomen and ribbed it with a Dark Olive or Purple wire. I almost always try to add a little natural Peacock when applicable. I wrap a little lead wire on the thorax for weight as well as add a bead to some. Tie in the Rubber legs like a normal Pat's. On these I used the nymph size Sili Legs. Finally tie in your favorite color of chenille and finish like a regular Rubberleg. One these I used Dark Olive/ Cofee and Olive/Black.

Again, a slight variation of a trusted must have pattern.

Posted by:Yankee Jim on Mar, 11 2018 | Tying Some Skwalla Nymph’s



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