Two Must Know Knots for Beginner Fly Fishers from Bozeman Fly Shop

Two Must Know Knots for Beginner Fly Fishers

May, 16 2018

In the world of fly fishing, one of the most important skills to have is knot tying. The further you get into fly fishing the more knots you discover many for the same purpose and many more that have different objectives. The two most basic, yet important applications of knots are to attach a fly to an angler’s leader and to attach additional tippet to one’s current leader. Now, as I stated earlier, there are many many different knots that can be used for both of these important attachments, two of which are very effective and also simple. First, leader to fly, the knot to use is the clinch knot, shown below.

Next very important knot is the double surgeons knot used to attach tippet to a leader.

Thanks Mad River for the videos!

If one is confident at tying these knots and practice a bit at home, it will greatly improve an anglers fly fishing experience. Get your fresh leader and tippet here. Also, if you are a beginner or just learning about fly fishing and want to catch some fish and learn about fly fishing techniques check out our guided trip options here.

Posted by:Teagan J on May, 16 2018 | Two Must Know Knots for Beginner Fly Fishers



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