TBT | Halcyon Days

TBT | Halcyon Days

Jan, 10 2019

I had left the crew early this morning for a solo outing to a busy river in New Zealand with hopes of being first to the beat as the morning clouds dissipated with the rising sun. The day could have been one of those days that stays with an angler forever - I don’t’ recall.  I wonder if that was the day the fish were hugged up on the skinny shelves, slowly swinging off the riffles and eating little Mayflies with patient certainty.

Were those the Halcyon Days? That morning up the Ahuriri certainly was. Like I said, I don’t recall the fishing that day, but I can still hear the gravel bouncing off the little Subaru. I remember how much I enjoyed casting that Orvis Helios to those exceptionally wary trout. I remember the sense of awe and spectacle that awaited around every bend in the road. Yes, that was a good day. 

Fly-fishing gives us days like these.

Posted by:Toby Swank on Jan, 10 2019 | TBT | Halcyon Days



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