Tying the Soft Hackle Czech Nymph Jig

Tying the Soft Hackle Czech Nymph Jig

Mar, 02 2019

Here's a pretty easy version of a soft hackled czech nymph on a jig hook. No video but I hope you get the jist. This fly can be tied in a variety of colors and sizes. I like this Pink color and Rainbow a lot on the Lower Madison and Missouri, but prefer a little more Orange on the Big Horn.


Hook - Tiemco 403BLJ #14

Bead - Slotted Tungsten 7/64"

Thread - Veevus 8/0 Pink

Abdomen - Sow Scud Dubbing Light Grey

Tail - Wet Fly Hackle - Pale Watery Dun Hen Hackle

Ribbing - Ultra Wire - Pink BR

Flashback - Larg Mirage Tinsel

Thorax - Sow Scud Dubbing Shrimp Pink

Soft Hackle - Pale Watery Dun Hen Hackle

I find it easier to secure the bead and tie the fly with the hook in an upright position.

Tie in some hackle fibers for the tail.

Tie in the wire.

Tie in the tinsel. It can be kind of hard to get it right on the bottom. It's a little easier if you start with the tinsel on the far side of the hook and let it rotate to the bottom as you tighten the thread.

Dub the abdomen with the grey dubbing.

Dub thorax with pink dubbing.

Pull the tinsel under and secure.

Rib with the wire.

Add a little more sparse pink dubbing so it kind of veils over the fly when used.

Tie in the hen neck.

Put two or three wraps hackle.

Whip the head and repeat several times in different colors.

Posted by:Toby Swank on Mar, 02 2019 | Tying the Soft Hackle Czech Nymph Jig



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