Simms G3 Stockingfoot Wader | Bozeman Fly Shop

Simms G3 Stockingfoot Wader | Bozeman Fly Shop

Feb, 02 2019

The Simms G3 Stockingfoot wader has been redesigned and is now the most technologically advanced wader on the market. The upgrades in this wader have made it 190% more breathable than its predecessor. The G3 is loaded with features that ensure comfort and durability. Unique to Simms’s waders is the use of GORE-TEX fabric and the fact that they are the only waders made in North America. To enhance the U.S.A made appeal and quality even further, these waders are actually manufactured right here in Bozeman, MT. The 4-layer lower and seat is designed for resistance to abrasion and pinholes. The unique front and rear seams on the legs of the waders eliminates a common weak point on the inner leg and adds articulation for improved movement. Decked out with a zippered reach-through fleece chest pocket, a front zippered 4-way stretch storage pocket and a removeable flip out tippet tender pocket means this wader is not lacking storage. For supreme foot comfort all day the stockingfeet are anatomically designed and have a funk fighting anti-microbial finish. Since GORE-TEX is non-reactive material spilling anything like deet or gasoline on your G3’s will not compromise their integrity. The G3 also feels soft to the hand thanks to the durable water proof outer layer. For $549.95 the G3 is an absolute workhorse that has Simms’s legendary toughness and overall just out perform their price. Find this badass Bozeman made product in a huge size range in both men's and women's sizes in our Bozeman Fly Shop.

Posted by:Teagan J on Feb, 02 2019 | Simms G3 Stockingfoot Wader | Bozeman Fly Shop



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