New Shuttle App makes ordering Shuttles a snap

Shuttles Going Tech | Shuttlesnap

Sep, 10 2018

Last week a man came into the fly shop asking about a shuttle company for one of our local rivers.

I've got a great idea, he said. There should be an app for that.

There is, a coworker responded. It's called Shuttlesnap.

The free phone application, or website, allows users to pick a stretch of river and choose from available shuttle companies. The shuttle company will then respond by text or email when they have accepted your request. Most of the time this only takes a few minutes. You also receive an update when they complete your shuttle.

For those of you that are new to shuttles, here's how it works. You park your truck and trailer at the boat ramp and take off downstream. While you're having a blast catching fish and taking in the beautiful mountain landscape, the shuttle company will pick up your rig and drive it to the takeout ramp. You finish your float and, blam, your vehicle is there waiting for you.

On the app, you can pay for your shuttle with a credit card. Thus far the service is available in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and Washington.

If you ever have questions about a shuttle service, don't hesitate to call or stop by our Bozeman Fly Shop.

Also, have a listen to the beginning of this Orvis podcast, where Tom Rosenbauer gives listeners a couple alternative options to shuttles. I'm still looking for a foldable bike for my drift boat.

Posted by:Greg Cappis on Sep, 10 2018 | Shuttles Going Tech | Shuttlesnap



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