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Patagonia Wading Boot Built by Danner

Feb, 27 2019

Fins & Feathers is excited to have a variety of sizes of the new Patagonia built by Danner wading boots for our upcoming event Waderpalooza-- a women's wader and boot fitting event. Patagonia has a tried and true mission to reduce waste and protect our planet. For 2019 they stood by their mission by building "the last boot you'll ever buy". Built to be re-crafted with a warranty like no other. 

Ladies looking for the best fitting built-to-last wading boot? You better come try this on. Boot soles come in rubber, felt and aluminum bars for the Foot Tractor and in a rubber for the River Salt.

Patagonia Foot Tractor Aluminum Bar Patagonia Foot Tractor Felt Patagonia River Salt Wading Boot

After a day wading the Gallatin wearing a pair of the new rubber soled Patagonia boots it was clear that these boots are designed for comfort, durability and traction. The ultra wide base took some time getting used to but once accustomed, I managed to walk around the Gallatin like I were hiking up a mountain. These boots certainly feel more like a hiking boot than a wading boot which I found more attractive than I expected. Supreme comfort and control was backed by the feeling of stability on even the slipperiest of rocks. While these boots felt heavy in hand, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was unable to notice the extra weight while fishing. The Patagonia wading boot will be a great long-lasting boot capable of providing support and comfort.

Sign up for our free Waderpalooza event Saturday, March 9th at Gallatin River Lodge, 11am - 4pm

Posted by:Teagan J on Feb, 27 2019 | Patagonia Wading Boot Built by Danner



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