Nautilus Classic X Reels in our Bozeman Fly Shop

Nautilus Classic X Reels in our Bozeman Fly Shop

Jan, 10 2018

New from Nautilus for 2018 is a reel reminiscent of the ever-popular FWX series. The “Classic-X” is essentially a full frame version of the Nautilus X-Series, which has been steady growing in popularity with fly fishers here in the Bozeman area. The drag is a SCF-X Teflon and carbon fiber fully sealed disc drag, delivering on the promise of smooth and powerful.

This is a limited production run model of only 500 units and we have it in the XM size, which is ideal for 4-6 weight lines. Nautilus reels are made in the USA. The Classic-X reels in XM size retail for $345 and are available in either Black or Titanium colors. Stop in, check these out in our Bozeman fly shop and compare them - side-by-side – to dozens of other fly reels as well.

Posted by:Toby Swank on Jan, 10 2018 | Nautilus Classic X Reels in our Bozeman Fly Shop



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