Leech Season

Leech Season

May, 15 2018

Fly fishing with a leech pattern is a very effective method to catch trout all year long. There are a few different methods you can utilize with 100’s of leech patterns which will be effective to fool a trout. Dead drifting a leech under an indicator is good for both lakes and rivers and is a good option when you can’t quite figure out what is going on. The next possibility is a very slow strip along the bottom of a lake, river, or pond, near aquatic vegetation. Leeches are very abundant in nearly all freshwater environments and a large meal for trout, so when presented with the opportunity, trout love this easy meal. When fishing a leech be sure to keep it on the bottom of waterbody you are fishing as leeches are light sensitive and tend to stay in the depths during the day or hidden in vegetation. These relatives of the earthworm are also very mobile and tend to move a lot, especially when attacked by a trout. Leeches when struck at will contract their bodies and become as small as possible, trout have figured this maneuver out and falsely strike at leeches to make them a smaller target. After the leech has shrunk up, trout will often swirl around and eat it. So, if you are fishing a leech, see your indicator disappear, set to find nothing, then wait around for that fish to finish the leach off.


Here are a few of our favorite leech patterns from top to bottom. Black BH Wooly Bugger, Peacock BH Simi-seal Leech, Blood/Purple Simi-Seal Leech, and Bruised TB Balance Leech.


Posted by:Teagan J on May, 15 2018 | Leech Season



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