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How to Tie a BH Zug Bug

Dec, 05 2018

If you are looking for a great general nymph that can be used on all of your Bozeman Rivers year round look no further. The BH Zug Bug is a very simple pattern that looks like many different aquatic insects and is actually very simple to tie. You should have at least one row of these babies in your fly box before you head out and read our fishing reports! Watch the Bozeman Fly Shop video below to learn how to tie this incredibly effective pattern. Browse the Fins & Feathers YouTube channel to see view our other tying videos, hook-ups, and shenanigans ! Enjoy your fly tying this winter and don't forget about our upcoming tying classes to help you prepare for the 2019 fishing season!

Posted by:Teagan J on Dec, 05 2018 | How to Tie a BH Zug Bug



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