How to Keep Ice Off Your Guides

How To Keep Ice Off Your Guides

Feb, 08 2019

Its that time of year when iced up fishing guides keep a lot of us inside on the couch. Fishing becomes increasingly less fun when you can’t cast. Here are some ways to make fishing a little more tolerable in the cold weather!

Stanley Ice Off Paste - This is the only product we sell that is specifically designed to keep ice off of your guides. It has a chapstick like consistency that you can apply to the guides to help prevent freezing.

Mucilin (silicone based) - This is another one we carry at the shop. We have it in two varieties, red and green. The green silicone based one will work best for preventing ice build up.

Lip Balm like Burts Bees or Carmex - Lip Balm will also deter the buildup of ice on your guides. It’s a good idea to use something that is not petroleum based such as Burt’s Bees or Carmex. The petroleum stuff could have adverse effects on your fly line. It probably wouldn’t be enough to hurt it in such small amounts, but the natural stuff will work just as well.

Pam Cooking Spray - Guys have been doing this for years. Spray your rod down before you head out and it will prevent ice from building up as quickly. I would assume natural stuff like extra virgin olive oil would work just as well.

Rain X - This is one I have heard about but haven’t yet tried myself. It makes sense that something hydrophobic would keep ice off the guides though. For this technique apply Rain-X to the dry guides with a q-tip, allow to dry for an hour, and wipe again with a dry q-tip. A little more labor intensive but worth it if it works well!

Tenkara Rods - A good way to keep your guides from freezing is to not have any guides in the first place. Guaranteed to keep them from freezing.

Posted by:Toby Swank on Feb, 08 2019 | How To Keep Ice Off Your Guides



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