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Fishing Today?

Sep, 25 2017

If you are not sitting at work like myself today and want to go wet a line I would highly recommend the Gallatin.  With all the wet weather this past week the river has been off color and hardly fishable.  The water color started to clean up yesterday and when I looked at it last night it was the perfect visibility for streamer fishing.  Whenever water color has been off for a few days the fishing usually gets pretty good the day or two after it starts to clear.  Nymphing or streamer fishing will both be good options today.  If you want to throw streamers I would start with a smaller to mid size sculpin pattern in a darker shade. If you want to do some nymphing there are a handfull of bugs that should get it done.  Any sort of smaller bugger or a rubberleg would be a good option for your top fly.  For a dropper I would start with a beatis or a worm and go from there.  Other flies to try would be: Copper Johns, Pheasant tails, Lightning Bugs, eggs or Caddis nymphs. Come stop in the shop if you have any questions or need some bugs. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Posted by:Ryan S on Sep, 25 2017 | Fishing Today?

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