Fewer Crowds Makes for Some Great Fall Fishing.

Fewer Crowds Makes for Some Great Fall Fishing.

Oct, 09 2017

As the weather cools off and Hunting Seasons progress, most of our rivers, streams and lakes seem to void themselves of people. For some, like myself, we start trying to fill our freezers for the upcoming year, get the dogs out for what they were bred to do, and just see our countryside in a different light.

For others it could be the cooler weather or a weekend full of Football games. Most of the tourists are all back at home or waiting on the Hurricanes to slow down so they can go catch some Redfish or Permit or something. Whatever valid reasons people may have to not go fishing in Montana, the result is the same: A pleasant day on the river without too many people. 

If you are new to the area and don't hunt or care about having to wear a pair of gloves while fishing, this should be the time of year you really look forward to fishing. The fishing can be some of the best of the year.

The Brown Trout get a little spunky as they start their Fall Spawn, the water has cooled off enough to get the fish active again, the Baetis start to hatch again to provide some great Dry Fly Fishing durring mid day, plus those spunky Brown's get real pissed off when a Streamer comes cruising passed their face.

If you want to try some top quality Fall or early Winter Trout Fishing maybe give yourself an early gift and try a guide trip. The probability of getting one of the best guides in the valley increases this time of year because only the best proffesional guides are the ones working now and they aren't usually booked too far in advance this time of year.

Come in, give us a call or check us out online and we can certainly make sure you have the right clothing, we'll give great fly recomendations and let you know the latest water conditions.

Posted by:Yankee Jim on Oct, 09 2017 | Fewer Crowds Makes for Some Great Fall Fishing.

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