Environmental Ballot Initiatives and Opposing Cash

Environmental Ballot Initiatives and Opposing Cash

Nov, 06 2018

Election Day brings on six western states with environmental ballot measures that would bring on huge changes in favor of preservation. Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Nevada, and Washington are the states that could potentially make the future of the western U.S. a bit brighter. With potential change knocking at the door, you can expect huge opposition. This opposition comes in the form of oil, gas, and mining companies. These companies dig deep into their pockets to ensure they will not lose any down-the-road profits. The exact amount of money that has gone into opposition and where it is coming from is just astounding. $107 million in opposition to these six bills, the majority of it coming from Houston and Canada. Refer to the chart below to see the breakdown of each state and follow the link to read the full story.

Environmental Ballot Measure Spending 

Get out and vote today! Before you do, make sure you are well informed and know exactly what you are voting for! Your Bozeman Fly Shop is keeping it's fingers crossed that I-186 passes today to ensure the future of responsible mining in Montana.

Posted by:Teagan J on Nov, 06 2018 | Environmental Ballot Initiatives and Opposing Cash



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