Climate Change in Montana

Climate Change in Montana

Jun, 11 2018

Climate change has been an important topic of discussion for at least 10 years and it only gets more prominent as time goes by. Many people deny the existance of global warming despite some compelling evidence. Fly fishing will certainly be affected by increasing global temperatures, and for those who like to fish for native fish in Montana, you should be worried about this much sooner than later. Cutthroat trout, bull trout, and arctic grayling will be the first species to affected. In fact, they already have been. It will only get worse from here if we can't get everyone believing in these rapidly occuring changes and taking steps to reduce personal contibution to the problem. Here is and awesome article on fly fishing the Big Hole River and climate change.

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Posted by:Teagan J on Jun, 11 2018 | Climate Change in Montana



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