A December Day On The Missouri

A December Day On The Missouri

Dec, 03 2017

With the day off yesterday and temps in the mid 40’s I decided that I would head up to the Missouri River with a friend for a day on the water. It didn’t take more than a hour to know that I had made a good decision.  By about the third bend we had landed three or four nice 17-18 inch Rainbows and the vibes in the boat were good!

The fish were stacked up in the slow deep inside runs and seemed to be fairly hungry.  A #16 UV Eddie Vedder Scud and a wire worm was the first rig I tied up and I don’t think we had to try more than about two or three other flies all day. The fish ate well as long as we were in the slow water. We flipped around a streamer or two as well but never had anything too interested in the big bugs.

It was my friend Kaley’s first time to the MO and I’m sure it won’t be her last. Minus a slow hour and a half mid-day I think her rod had a good bend in it from just about every run we fished. Watching this all day and seeing the smiles that came with it was a good “off season” reminder of why I love being a fishing guide. It always amazes me how gratifying it is to be able to bring excitement, laughter and happiness to someone besides yourself.

If you are looking for a good fishing option this week I would highly recommend the Missouri!


Posted by:Ryan S on Dec, 03 2017 | A December Day On The Missouri

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