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Black Friday at Bozeman’s Fly Shop

Nov, 21 2017

We will be closing at 3:00 PM on November 22nd and reopening at 9:00 AM on November 25th! We will be closed for the traditional Black Friday, but offerring Black Friday Deals on Nov. 25-26th. Watch online and stop in our…

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How to Choose Your Egg Fly!

Nov, 20 2017

Brown Trout continue to spawn in the rivers and streams around Bozeman well into December. As aquatic insect activity slows down with cold water temperatures heading into winter, egg patterns become more and more effective. One of the most common…

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Winter on the Lower Madison

Nov, 19 2017

The Lower Madison River is one of the better choices of places to fish around Bozeman during winter. Snow usually doesn’t get too deep and the river only freezes during the coldest parts of winter. Plus, the close proximity to…

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Bozeman Fly Shop is Opting Outside Too!

Nov, 18 2017

Once again in 2017, Fins & Feathers of Bozeman will be taking a couple days off to celebrate Thanksgiving with family, friends, and the great outdoors! Our Bozeman fly shop will close at 3:00 PM on November 22 and reopen…

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Fly Fishing the Gallatin River near Bozeman

Nov, 17 2017

The Gallatin River snakes its way through the Gallatin Valley after leaving the Gallatin Canyon. Ultimately, the Gallatin joins the Jefferson and Madison rivers to form the Missouri River near Three Forks, Montana. The Gallatin Valley stretches of the river…

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Salmon Cannon

Nov, 16 2017

The issue of salmon migrations being disrupted, or even halted, by dams has long been a hotly debated one. Mainly how best to go about fixing it. Do the damns need to be removed (not a likely scenario), or do…

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Halloween in Argentina- Trick or Treat

Nov, 13 2017

I want to congatulate our good friend Jim Gannon on his inaugural trip to Jurassic Lake in Argentina. He said he caught about 400 fish the week he was there. Fish story, or good clean living? I don't know, but…

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Fly Fishing The Yellowstone from YNP to Yankee Jim Canyon

Nov, 12 2017

The Yellowstone River has a great reputation as being one of the best rivers to float in the world. Sometimes it feels like almost everything a person reads about fishing the Yellowstone River involves a boat or a guided float…

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Fun at the Bozeman Fly Shop

Nov, 10 2017

The tradition of the Fins & Feathers Yellow Jersey started back in 2005, maybe it was 2007. Somewhere along the way, I had developed a reputation as being the living, active “World’s Greatest Fly-Fisherman.” This may have been self-proclaimed, to…

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5 Flies for Bozeman Fly Fishing this Winter

Nov, 09 2017

Winter fly selections don't need to be complicated for the various fly fishing opportunities around Bozeman. Cold water temperatures reduce the activity of just about everything that lives in the rivers and streams of Southwest Montana. Trout move to the slower…

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Fly Fishing Update from Bozeman

Nov, 08 2017

There is no denying that it is a winter wonderland out there right now here in Bozeman. So cold that the rivers are choked with ice, the ducks have thinned out, and the best part of the morning is feeling…

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Fishing DePuy Spring Creek

Nov, 07 2017

DePuy Spring Creek is a world famous trout fishery in the Paradise Valley along the Yellowstone River. The creek bubbles up from springs that start on the O’Hair Ranch upstream and flows into the Yellowstone River. The views of the…

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