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Tenkara Guide Trips Too

Jan, 17 2017

Tenkara “style” fly-fishing has been around for many years, but has recently enjoyed a remarkable introduction of sorts to the USA. With a rich heritage from Japanese commercial fisherman, its effectiveness on small streams and wary trout has been well…

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Montana Fly Fishing Year Round

Jan, 16 2017

If the weather man/computer generated forecast is correct, we just might be due for some decent winter fishing conditions later in the week. Other than a couple of days here and there, the temperatures around Bozeman have simply been frigid.…

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Used Fly Gear Sale

Jan, 13 2017

Used Fly Fishing Gear Sale Join us next January 21-22 for our winter “Junk Sale” at our Bozeman fly shop. We have been digging through our odds and ends to get ready for this unique sales event. You won’t find…

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