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How To Keep Ice Off Your Guides

Dec, 08 2016

Its that time of year when iced up fishing guides keep a lot of us inside on the couch. Fishing becomes increasingly less fun when you can’t cast. Here are some ways to make fishing a little more tolerable in…

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Fly Anglers

Dec, 07 2016

1. Montana Fly Company River Camo Fly Box 2. Dr. Slick Fly Tying Scissors 3. Dr. Slick XBC Pliers (Standard, Scissor Clamps or Mitten Clamps) 4. Fishpond Hook Jaw River Tool 5. TenkaraUSA Starter Kit 6. NEW Orvis Tacky Fly…

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Fly Tying Weather In Montana

Dec, 06 2016

Now that Winter is here and air temps are going to be in the sub zero range for the next several days, we find it hard to recommend people hit the rivers super hard this week. When it starts to…

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