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Kamchatka Steelhead Project

Jul, 24 2016

Check out this video from Felt Soul Media on fly fishing for Steelhead in Kamchatka!! On Russia’s eastern coast, the remote Kamchatka Peninsula is teeming with wild Steelhead, kept protected by the country’s strict endangered species regulations. Follow Dr. Kuzishchin,…

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Spruce Moths are Out!

Jul, 23 2016

Lately we’ve been getting asked about the Spruce Moths. Are they out yet? Where are they? What do you use for them? All, valid questions. As well as the folks who have never heard of them asking what do they…

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Sage X Fly Rods Now in the Shop!!

Jul, 22 2016

We have just received the new Sage X fly rods here in the shop. If you aren’t familiar with them yet stop by the shop and give them a try. These rods offer the newest graphite technology called KonneticHD, which…

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